Meetups — 2014, January 29

.::Nodebots Post-Holiday Hacknight::.
(SnowDay Edition)

Due to last weeks weather escapade I wasn’t able to join the first Nodebot Hackathon of the year, but since everyone else had the same problem – Sara and Francis decided to postpone the event to today.

Even though I did not build a robot, Francis gave a really great introduction to Johnny Five and I was able to pair with Armando on a TinyCircut and we got it to work:

Time flew by and it was a really great night with some amazing conversations and happy reunions with students from the Flatiron School Web Development Fellows. Can’t wait to see you next time!

Actually I am thinking I will go to RadioShack tomorrow and pick up an Arduino Kit just for fun and build something for the studio next week.

Back in 2013, Brenda and I build this amazing battery powered iPhone charger @ the Intl. Nodebots day – and it worked completely without any JavaScript at all.