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Map Illustration — Illustration, Book

Hand-drawn maps for an edition of Charles Dickens‘ Pictures of Italy

ProvidenceG — Design,Development

Website for an apartment building in Providence, RI

Faucher Artists — Design

Design for mobile portfolio app

Ron Ben Israel — Cards

Cards for sweet genius to accompany his new website

David Lewis Taylor Studio — Portfolio

Website for still-life photographer David Lewis Taylor

Del Rosario Helmets — Design, Development

Temporary placeholder website

David Lewis Taylor — Design, Development

Website for still-life photographer David Lewis Taylor

BROOKLYNPHOTO Studio — Design, Development

Relaunching BPS's complete online experience and including a full responsive layout.

Personal Projects — Analog

:: currently being updated ::

3D Models for Short Film — 3D

Inspired by a street corner in Williamsburg, I designed this fictional 3D model for use as setting in a short animation.

Character Design — Animation

Two characters for an Animation I did. It was screened at various German short film festivals.

Tarra Rosenbaum — Temporary Website

Production of a placeholder website.

David Lewis Taylor — Portfolio

CMS based responsive portfolio website for Fashion and editorial photographer David Lewis Taylor, NYC.

Sherle Wagner Intl. — Design / Development

Design and Development of SW‘s online experience.

Maritime Parc — Branding

Desing and development for Maritime Parc

Bjoern Altmann — Design / Development

Portfolio website for UK-based type designer Bjoern Altmann

BROOKLYNPHOTO (Studio) — Identity

Complete branding project which included production of online and offline experience.

David Lewis Taylor Studio — Portfolio

Website for still-life photographer David Lewis Taylor

Online Home 2004 — Personal

Experimental web-design back in 2004.

David Jacobs Sculpture — Design / Dev.

Website for Sculptor David Jacobs. Project includes printed collateral material to announce launch.

Accents et Details — Development

Website for Interior Designers Accents et Details

Theo Coulombe — Print

Business Cards for Photography Consultant Theo Coulombe

Weddingcakes.com — Website Optimization

New York based Ron Ben-Israel is famous for his wedding cake creations. Originally Ron contacted me to help him with the redesign of his website. Later on I also got the chance to create a mobile optimized version incl. a special iPad web-app for his www.weddingcakes.com.

Larsen Collection — Design / Development

Temporary Website for Swedish gallery

Tarra Rosenbaum — Design / Development

Design and online shop development.

Juliane Werner Photography — Design / Development

Portfolio website for German photographer Juliane Werner

Cheryl Gackstetter — Design / Development

Cheryl, a freelance producer, wanted a platform for showcasing her award winning TV commercials.

MPDI — Design / Development

Website for Meatpacking District New York.

Pascassio Manfredi — Development

Website for french tribal art gallery Pascassio Manfredi.

Jospeh Parsons Band — Design / Development

Complete redesign and development.

Eight Communications
— Design / Development

Theo Coulombe — Design / Development

Website re-design for photography consultant Theo Coulombe.