Hi there! I’m an art director and front-end developer based in NYC.
I love making things, collaborating, identifying interesting problems and figuring out how to solve them.
Above all, I like to keep it simple and do it well.

Born in Germany, I grew up surrounded by good design. Thanks to the support of my teachers and family I was able to explore my talents early on and so my interest in graphic design and technology developed naturally. Shortly after being admitted to university I received a scholarship which brought me to NYC for the very first time in ’05. There I had the opportunity to work on Converse, Nike, and MPDI projects. After receiving my degree I returned to the city to work as designer and later art director.

2010 I started my own studio with the believe that a good successful project is as much about the quality of the design as it is about managing time and budget. As such, I approach every project, regardless of scale or budget, with the same rigor and discipline, customizing the process and designing things that work. In an industry moving more and more towards standardization—offering more of the same or just pushing some high-faluting designs on you—it’s an approach that works.

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