News — 2014, January 27

New Year, new site…

It’s been almost 2 1/2 years since I’ve stopped updating my site. First projects picked up to a point where there was hardly any time left for anything besides work, and then I took a full time position as art director with one of my clients where I got to work with the best dev-team I can image.

Well, it’s been a great time shipping out great product releases, working on new designs and experience the famous NYC start-up scene. The good and the bad, I don’t want to miss a single moment – in fact it was the most productive and creative time I’ve had so far and it’s only fair to say it was the time in which lifelong friendships where made. (Period)

So what’s the next step?

Over the Holidays I asked myself this question a lot. I’ve got a dog, Maggie who is with me 24/7, amazing studio-mates, a great family and the urge to do more. Thanks to the amazing people/friends I met over the past months, many new opportunities opened up and 2014 is going to be a year with great projects, travels, conferences and hopefully also some time to focus on personal projects.

To begin the new year with the right drive I did a sprint and redesigned my site. Some of the projects have not been updated yet, a few are missing. But this work will be completed soon however. The biggest change is the addition of this blog, which will allow me to share some of these experiences, to give back and to show the work we are knocking out every week.

So as you are reading this make sure to let me know what you think and check back in from time to time. Things will be exciting.